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Throughout our score for Pal Joey, Larry and I were scrupulous in making every song adhere to the hard-edged nature of the story. The rule of all the Wikipedias, including this one, is that nothing in the Wikipedia can be copyrighted by someone else.

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If I'd write a book, I'd write about the important lessons and experiences in my life. I'd love to talk about the challenges, misery, and finding happiness in unexpected ways at unimaginable times.

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I'd talk about the memories I'd never forget, that I know of, where many people could relate. Just because Tris is dead doesn't mean nothing of interest could happen.

The other characters are written well enough that a trilogy from any of their viewpoints would be interesting. "I Could Write a Book" is a show tune from the Rodgers and Hart musical Pal Joey (), where it was introduced by Gene Kelly and Leila Ernst. It is considered as an industry standard.


It is considered as an industry janettravellmd.comiter(s): Lorenz Hart. Check out I Could Write a Book by Harry Connick Jr. on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on janettravellmd.com5/5(2). Tony Bennett:I Could Write A Book Lyrics.

Edit. VisualEditor History Talk (5) Share. I Could Write A Book. This song is by Tony Bennett and appears on the album Tony Bennett Sings 10 Rodgers & Hart Songs () on the album As Time Goes By () on the.

I Could Write a Book's wiki: " I Could Write a Book " is a show tune from the Rodgers and Hart musical Pal Joey (), where it was introduced by Gene Kelly and Leila Ernst.

Notable recordings Frank Sinatra - I Hear a Rhapsody (album) () Dinah.

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